There is a time to plant, and there is of harvest. Knowing the season is very important. We cannot focus on sowing at the time of reaping. This is the season of our harvest, so let us win the souls before the coming of the Lord.

The words spoken by one of the Apostles in Indonesia in 2008 caught my attention. The Lord has been talking to me the same thing for the last one year: “God is not into monuments; God is into movements; in order to bring the movement, God may even dismantle the monuments.” The Lord has been imprinting in my heart that His coming is very very soon. Yes indeed, He is at the door. It is the end-time revival time! It is the end-time harvest time!

When the Lord appears in mid-air, none of the beautiful buildings will go. Even our beautiful worship places will not go. Of course, we needed all these, but now it is the time we bring the harvest to the kingdom of God. We are the precious ones of the Lord. Jesus gave his life for us. Not only for us, but for all mankind. He is coming for His beautiful bride.

Let us focus on the coming of the Lord! Prepare ourselves and prepare others for His coming!